Safety Rules

Nipmuc Ski Club’s Safety Rules and Hand signals

These rules are being implemented for every members safety which is our number one goal!


  • The DRIVER will be responsible for making sure there are only two people in the boat during club activities.
  • The OBSERVER must be at least 13 years of age and have a life jacket ON at all times.
  • The SPOTTER is the only person allowed on the docks during skiing hours unless there is a need for additional supervision.
  • All SKIERS, when they have fallen in the water, will make sure they let the operator of the boat know that they are okay by giving the OK sign.
  • All SKIERS must use a Coast Guard approved floatation device or a wetsuit designed specifically for skiing.
  • There is absolutely no alcoholic beverages permitted during club activities.
  • All SKIERS must sign in to ski in a rotation system. When skiers return from skiing, they will be able to sign in again.
  • Any participants in club activities must be members of USAWaterSki and the Nipmuc Ski Club.
  • Docks must be clear of all skies and jackets at all times.

Water Skier’s Safety Code

  1. Always wear a floatation device. A properly fitted personal floatation device is designed to fit snugly so that it won’t slip up on the body during a fall. The recommended type is a jacket or vest which covers the chest, abdomen and back.
  2. Always be sure your equipment is in good condition. Your personal safety and enjoyment depends on the equipment used. Check your equipment regularly. Be sure the skis do not have sharp or protruding surfaces that could cut or scrape the skier, check towlines for frayed areas or broken bridles and handles. Repair or replace damaged or unsafe articles.
  3. Don’t give the signal to start until the slack has been taken out of the line and you are sure you are clear. Keep your ski tips up.
  4. Do not ski near docks, pilings, other boats or swimmers. Always look ahead and be sure you are aware of your surroundings and where you are going at all times. This may sound ridiculous but the predominance of water ski injuries result from collision with docks or other solid objects.
  5. Never put any part of your body through the handle-bridle or wrap the line around yourself in any way.
  6. Never ski in shallow water or in an area where there may be obstructions above or just below the surface.
  7. When a fall is inevitable, try to fall backward or to either side. A forward fall increases the chance of contacting a ski.
  8. Know and use the skier signal, particularly important is the skier’s OK signal if you are all right after a fall.
  9. If you fall in an area where there is other boat traffic, lift one ski more than half way out of the water as a signal to other boaters.
  10. Never ski to the point of excessive fatigue.
  11. Always ski during daylight from sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.
  12. Never ski directly in front of another boat.
  13. Always use equal length ropes when skiing doubles.
  14. Always ensure that the boats motor is “Off” when a skier is entering the boat from the water.
  15. Always have an observer in the towboat.

Enjoy the sport by being courteous to others using the waterways. Courtesy is contagious.



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