Timeline Photos

  • How about our first ski jump!

  • It took some work, but in the end the result was worth it! From right (front) to left (back): Ross, Jesse, Brenda, Chad, James, Leonardo. Thank you Jesse for orchestrating everything!

  • Airchair

  • This photo is from a few years ago. Randy coming in from a wakeboard run, and Ryan about to go out on the Air Chair. Steve is driving, and it looks like Jake was the spotter!

  • Remember this?

  • Johanna on the shoulders of Josh and James

  • No water skiing today. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Kira and Johanna on the shoulders of Jesse, Taylor, Josh

  • Christine and Johanna on the shoulders of Jesse, Taylor and James

Mobile Uploads

  • Triples

2013 Ski Season!

  • Opening night rainbow at the shack!

  • The Air Chair with Amy de Wolski

  • Successful first ski long-line.

  • New skier out on the boom!

  • First time up on long-line behind the boat (he just started skiing Monday!) - GREAT JOB!

  • Jim giving instruction to a new skier.

  • The Air Chair with Amy de Wolski

2012 Ski Club Roundup

  • Pam Tufts-Alexander, Laurie and Joi-Jo on the boat.

  • Logan and Matthew Letourneau getting ready to go doubles knee board!

  • Learning on the boom!

  • Little Bean leaning how to ski long-line. Since the rope was connected to the ski's - the spotter had to help double as the pilon.

  • National Champion Jumper Ron Kokernak giving some instruction to the younger skiers!

  • Julia Letourneau looking good on the slalom!

  • Matthew Letourneau rocking the wake board!

  • Getting some instruction on the dock!

  • Kids swimming while other's ski!

  • Getting dry after a good night of skiing!

  • Laurie on the slalom!

  • The "Shack"

  • The "Family" of the Ski Club!

  • Skiing on the lake!

  • Logan Edwards representing the club in London!

Nipmuc Ski Club - Late 90s early 2000s


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