Nipmuc Ski Club Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – October 2016

Attendees: Brenda Fallon, Jim Kokernak, Dave MacManus, Pam Jarosz, Linda Candela, Joan Kokernak, Ron Kokernak, Jesse Reilly, Ryan DesRoches, Andy Gray, Leonardo Topa, Keith Menard, Lee Sroczenski
Treasurer’s report: (Please see Linda or Leonardo for a detailed Tresurer’s report).

An annual audit, as required by Club By-Laws, was conducted by the Board.
  • The Club had insurance up to about 8 years ago. It was dropped mainly because of its costs
  • Taylor, a board member of the Holland Ski Club, came invited by Jesse to present to the Board what they do at Holland:
    • Holland is affiliated with USA Waterski (AWSA), $100/year
    • Their members must purchase membership with AWSA, $50 or $80 for individuals (depending on age less than 25 or not), $175 for families
    • Their members must do fund raising activities to collect $150 per member
    • Their drivers must have a $500,000 insurance rider, usually through SkiSafe
    • Holland pays $100/year to belong to the Eastern Region Show Ski Association
    • Holland purchases a $2,000,000 insurance policy from AWSA for $875/year
    • Holland also has an additional AWSA club insurance policy to cover everything the club owns or does on a 24/7 basis
  • After a thorough discussion of all the pros and cons, the Nipmuc Board voted and approved unanimously the following:
    • Nipmuc will become AWSA affiliated at the cost of $100/year
    • Nipmuc will require each of its members to purchase AWSA membership (proof will need to be provided before being allowed to ski)
    • Nipmuc will require that each driver have a $500,000 insurance rider
    • Nipmuc will purchase a $2,000,000 insurance policy from AWSA for $875/year
2017 membership:
  • The Board approved to raise the membership dues to $165
  • The wait list will be open to anyone interested to join the Club – the list will be consolidated and maintained online (google docs)
  • The total number of members that will be accepted will be set at the next Board meeting after reviewing the numbers of renewing current members and the wait list
A lawyer friend of Ryan will do pro-bono work for the Club:
  • will review the language of our waiver
  • will pursue a fact finding project to find out the legal status of the Club on its present location
  • will explore the possibility of converting the Club into a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
  • safety is and will always be a top priority of the Club
  • a safety clinic will be scheduled in the Spring and it will be mandatory for all Club members
The next board meeting will be held on Thursday Jan 12, 2017.

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