Nipmuc Ski Club Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – Jan 2017

Board Meeting held on January 12, 2017 (at Point Breeze)

Attendees: Brenda, Andy, Linda, Leonardo, Jesse, Ryan, Dave, Pam (late)

Treasurer’s report:  See Linda or Leonardo for details

2017 membership: The Board voted to raise the maximum number of members for 2017 to 85. This number was set thinking that all 59 members from 2016 renewed for 2017, all 20 people on the 2017 waiting list could be accepted and a few possible late comers could be accepted too. It was decided that the whole logistic situation would be re-evaluated around the end of June, to make sure that all members were getting adequate skiing time and there were no parking issues.

The Board approved the following expenses:

  • $400 to fix the roof of the shed
  • $200 to fix the ski jump
  • $200 for dock maintenance and adding a new section in the cove cornerLeonardo is to investigate the cost of fixing/upgrading the slalom course versus the cost of a brand new course.

Randy Wade will have slalom clinics as he did in 2016. Exact dates to be determined.

John Lacroix will have wakeboard clinics. Dates to be determined.

The Club will host 2 “learn to ski” days. Possible locations: Nipmuc docks, Memorial Beach, Indian Ranch. Saturday mornings from 9am to 12pm will be dedicated to show skiing practices.
An ice fishing tournament was proposed as a possible fund raising activity for winter 2018.

Next board meeting: April 27, 2017.


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