Nipmuc Ski Club Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – April 2017

Board Meeting held on April 27, 2017 (at Point Breeze)

Attendees: Brenda, Andy, Linda, Leonardo, Jesse, Dave, Pam

Treasurer’s report:  Please see Linda or Leonardo for details.

Club website: it should be available for the general public to find out what the Club is up to and for the members to manage their personal info, renewals, sign-ups for clinics and email communication. Brenda was going to talk to Ryan to see what is feasible.

Kneeboards: only teenagers and adults will be allowed to use them and only after appropriate instruction. No straps will be allowed. Individual situations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The Club will host 3 “learn to ski” days on the 3rd Saturday of June, July and August. A $10 fee will be required to cover AWSA insurance for the day. Possible locations: Indian Ranch, Nipmuc docks, Lake Side Marina, Memorial Beach. Pam will work with local businesses that want to contribute sponsoring these events with an advertising campaign.

Leonardo and Linda presented the membership numbers for the 2017 season: as of the date of the Board meeting, there were 52 returning members and 21 new members. A discussion ensued on the composition of the members which seemed heavily skewed towards young kids. Concerns about parking and skiing time led to a new Board vote to cap members to 80. No new members will be allowed to join after June 1, when the season starts. The Board will re-evaluate the whole situation at the end of June and will decide whether to relax the no new member rule at that time.

Drivers will have to have an insurance policy of at least $500,000 to be eligible to drive for the Club and will have to use AWSA insured observers (spotters) exclusively. This requirement will be posted on the doodle site used for sign-ups. Gas reimbursement for drivers was approved at $70 per night.

Doodle will be used to sign-up drivers, safety person on shore (must have passed the AWSA instruction course), dock organizers, instructors for beginners.

Leonardo suggested the Club should look into creating “associate” memberships for people who don’t want to ski, but want to participate in social club activities and want to support the Club.

Leonardo reported on the slalom course research that he did and recommended that the existing slalom course be fixed and maintained properly instead of investing in a brand new course (too expensive and not necessary). The Board voted and approved $750 for the slalom course maintenance.

Docks: they will be put back in the water on Saturday April 29. Jesse and Andy are in charge.

Slalom course: Leonardo offered to take care of it on Saturday May 6, hooking the buoys back up and inspecting the conditions of all the cables and anchors.

Ski season: opening night of the season will be Thursday, June 1. From then on, we will ski on Mondays and Thursdays from 6pm until sunset. On Saturdays from 9am to 12pm there will be show skiing practice.


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