Ski Club By-Laws

Nipmuc Water Ski Club Of Webster, MA – By-Laws

Last Revised: 2001 by Ryan DesRoches and Randy Wade

Ratified by the Board of Directors – August 2001.

    1. Purpose
      1. To promote organized water skiing on Webster Lake.
      2. To promote Safety and good sportsmanship.
      3. To promote the name of Lake
      4. To promote the ability to take part in competitive skiing and water sports
    2. Membership
      1. A. Membership of the Nipmuc Ski Club will be open to anyone seeking same, sponsored by a member in good standing of the same, upon approval of a membership application by the Board of Directors subject by a 2/3-majority
      2. Membership will run for one (1) fiscal year. Fiscal year for the Nipmuc Ski Club is January 1st through December 31st to run in conjunction to USAWaterSki’s fiscal year,
      3. The total membership wi!! be determined by vote of the Board Of Directors.
      4. Membership in the Nipmuc Ski Club will be terminated for any violation of the rules and regulations set up by the Nipmuc Ski Club.
      5. Wavers must be signed by all members, tournament or show guest skiers, and minors, by their-parents or guard
      6. Any member of the Nipmuc Ski Club, in good standing, may rejoin the Club as a new member.
    3. Officers
      1. A. Board of Directors to be elected at the annual meeting (the last general business meeting) and/or prior to the annual meeting.
      2. Board of Directors will be installed and assume their duties at the beginning of the fiscal year.
      3. C. Any member seeking office in the Nipmuc Ski Club must have been a member in good standing for at least (2) two years and be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.
      4. D. Junior members seeking office in the Nipmuc Ski Club must have been a member in good standing for at least one (1) year and between the ages of sixteen (16) and twenty-one (21).
      5. E. The Board of Directors will be made up of 9 (nine) members and up to four 4) junior members.
        1. President and/or Co-Chairman
        2. Vice-President or Co-Chairman
        3. Immediate past president and/or Co-Chairman
        4. Remaining to total nine-thirteen board members.
      6. President and/or Co-Chairman to be elected by a majority vote of Club membership for a term of one (1) year and no more than two (2) consecutive terms.
      7. Secretary and Treasurer to be appointed by the Board of Directors from the remaining seven (7) Board of Directors.
      8. Ten (10) Board of Directors to be elected by a plurality vote of Club membership for a period of one (1) year.
      9. The Board of Directors shall appoint at the first general meeting in July, a Nominating chairman and four (4) others.
      10. The nominating committee will present, for consideration by membership at the annual meeting, a slate of officers for the ensuing year.
      11. Members of this committee may be included on the slate.
    4.  Voting
      1. All voting to follow Parliamentary Procedure.
      2. A quorum (25% of Club Membership) of voting members must be present for elections of officers. If there is not a 25% quorum,
        voting will take place and a notice put out to all members (by email) asking for objections to the vote. If no objections occur in one (1) month – the election stands. lf an objection occurs, a re-vote will take place at the next scheduled meeting.
      3. Majority vote will rule.
      1. Voting members must be members in good standing.
      2. The officer slate must be made public to all members no later than one month before the voting takes place.
      3. Club members to vote at all major elections.
    5.  Dues
      1. Amount of dues to be determined by the Board of Directors.
      2. Dues are payable on May 1st annually or before participation in any Ski Club activity.
      3. Date, Place, and Time of regular meetings to be decided by the Board of Directors.
      4. Roll call will be taken at every regular-meeting and a roster kept.
      5. No alcoholic beverages will be consumed during a general meeting.
    6. Skiing
      1. A. Ski season will be from the first Monday in June to the 3rd Saturday in September weather permitting.
      2. Ski Nights will be determined by the Board of Directors.
      3. Members wishing to ski on designated ski nights must sign a register.
        1. A register will be put in a convenient place on ski nights.
        2. Order of skiing will be taken strictly from this register.
        3. After skiing once, a member may re-register.
      4. At least two (2) persons must be in the boat while pulling skiers.
      5. When using the club jump, the following rules must strictly adhered to:
        1. Safety is the number one concern and must be stressed always.
        2. Only eligible persons may use the jump. An “eligible” member is:
          1. A member in good standing of USAWater Ski and the Nipmuc Ski Club
          2. Must have met the following criteria:
            1. Shown an ability to cross both wakes on two skis at a reasonable speed and is in control at all times.
            2. Must have obtained permission from the jump chairman.
            3. Persons under twenty-one (21) years of age must have a parent or guardian sign a release in front of a Board of Director stating they are aware of the skiers’ use of the jump and has given their permission.
          3. Helmets and Coast Guard approved live vests must be worn by all skiers using the jump.
        3. All boat drivers must be members of the Nipmuc Ski Club and approved by the Board of Directors and the jump chairman before pulling skiers over the jump. In a tournament or other event drivers and observers must be-current members of USAWater Ski and have approval of the Board of Director
        4. The observer in the tow boat must be wearing a life vest while jumping is in progress. The observer must also be a current member of the Nipmuc Ski Club and an Active member of USAWater Ski.
        5. In show skiing a separate pick up boat with two persons wearing life vests must be standing by.
        6. In the event of an accident, the Safety Director and the Board of Directors must be notified immediately. Both the driver and the observer should fill out a brief explanation of how the accident occurred and they should give it to the Safety DIrector and the President and/or Co-Chairman of the Club.
        7. A Board of Director, the Safety Director, Boat Driver, or member of the Jump Committee can halt the use of the jump of any time if in their opinion conditions are unsafe. Jumping will not resume until safe conditions have been met. If there is a dispute as to the conditions a hearing will be held by the Board of Directors to resolve the issue. The Board of Directors has the right to delete or add to these guidelines and rules at anytime should in their opinion evidence warrant such action.
        8. All Skiers must wear life preservers except in those instances when omission of such has been-granted by the Board of Directors
        9. Club members will abide by LAKE LAWS at all times.
      6. Ski Shows
        1. A. The Board of Directors will appoint a Show Director and Assistant Show Director
        2. The Show Director will choose all acts for Club shows, with the approval of the Board of Directors.
        3. The Show Director with the approval of the Board of Directors will decide the number of shows and the time and place for them.
      7. Financial
        1. The.books will be audited
        2. The president with the advice of the Board of Directors will determine the auditor.
        3. President shall make the decision of expenditures up to $250.00; the Board of Directors make the decisions over $250.00.
        4. Books will be transferred at the annual meeting.
      8. Ratification
        1. A. Any article in the BY-LAWS must be ratified by majority vote of the membership at any meeting with 30-day prior notification.
        2. 8. Any additions may be made by majority vote of the membership at any meeting with 30-day prior notification.
        3. An annual equipment inventory will be taken.
      9. Conduct and Rules
        1. During any Ski Club function on club property, there will be no drinking or drugs allowed.
        2. Persons not of legal age (16) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times on road trips.
        3. C. Any conduct not becoming of a member of the Nipmuc Ski Club or breaking Ski Club rules, could result in up to and including termination of membership.
      10. XII. Safety Rules
        1. A. The Nipmuc Ski Club will follow all USAWater Ski rules at all times.


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