General Rules and Regulations

Nipmuc Water Ski Club General Rules and Regulations

  1. Vandalism to the Shack, the docks, or to any club equipment will NOT be tolerated and may result in suspension/termination of club membership.
  2. Club members will respect the Ski Club – the members, the equipment, and the shack and the area surrounding the shack.
  3. Only the skier coming in and the skier “on deck” are allowed on the dock. The only exception to this rule is when a new skier is learning and a trainer is helping him/her in the water.
  4. All skiing members (over the age of 12) must be willing to be a spotter when asked.
  5. All skiers and spotters must wear a USCG approved floatation device.
  6. All members are required to help clean up the shack and the surrounding area when asked/assigned.
  7. One member per night will be assigned to clean the shack. If one person a night makes sure that items are put away and the shack is swept – this will make it easier for everyone involved. .
  8. Aggressive skiing is not allowed – this includes – skiing to close to docks, boats, and people. This also includes “rough-housing” when skiing doubles.
  9. Members whom use club equipment must put it back in the shack when they are done with it.
  10. Non-Members are NOT allowed in the boat or on the docks at any time. Only members of USA Water Ski and the Nipmuc Water Ski club are allowed on the docks or in the boat during club hours unless they are approved by the board of directors. (This include parents of members)
  11. Members under the age of 14 must have a parent or responsible adult at the club
    with them at all times. (Failure to do so will result in you not being able to ski )
    Members arc responsible for cleaning up after themselves. That includes throwing away trash/food items in the dumpster when they are done with them.
    Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed on club property.
  12. Members are not to throw rocks, sand, sticks or any other items while on club property – that includes throwing items into the water or on the docks.
    Non-members of the Nipmuc Water Ski club may be asked to leave the premises at any time. (USA Water ski rules state that only club members are allowed on club property during operating hours – we understand though that friends/family members may want to visit the club – so we don’t want to get as strict as the USA Water ski rules state).
  13. Members must comply with the rules associated in the Nipmuc Water Ski Club by-laws and with all rules associated with USA Water Ski.
  14. Members must follow the direction of the boat drivers and spotters at all times while skiing.
  15. All members must participate in one club cleanup or fundraising activity per calendar year.


Punishments/suspensions may be handed out on site by boat drivers and members of the Nipmuc Ski Club Board of Directors:

First Offense – Suspension of ski privileges for one full week*. (ie. if you are  suspended on a Monday – you will not be allowed to ski until the following Tuesday).
Second Offense – Suspension of ski privileges for two full weeks*.
Third Offense – Termination of Club Membership for at least one year*.

Members whom are terminated for one year will need to be voted back into the club by  the board of directors and also have a member of the club in good standing sponsoring

The board of directors may terminate a club membership if it finds an offense warranted of such action. Possible offences that may result in termination of membership include:

Fighting, Vandalism, drinking of alcoholic beverages on club property.

* Suspended members are not allowed on club property until their suspensions are complete.

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