The 2019 Board of Directors and Officers

President: Henry Coz
Vice President: Andy Gray
Treasurer: Dave McManus
Secretary: Andrew Marks

Board Of Directors:
Pam Jarosz
Dave MacManus
Dave McCooey
Lee Sroczenski
Brenda Fallon

Jr Board:
Nate Coz
Kira Horan
Reanna Kudzal
James Topa

Safety Directors*:

Jesse Reilly
Pam Jarosz
Brenda Fallon
Andy Grey
Lee Sroczenski


John Deveau,
Brenda Fallon,
Tom Fallon,
Andy Gray,
Jim Kokernak,
Ron Kokernak,
Kevin Kuzdal,
Dave McManus,
Keith Menard,
Jesse Reilly,
Lee Sroczenski,
Leonardo Topa,
Bill Michalson,
Andy Marks,

Ski Instructors*:

Pam Jarosz
Jesse Reilly

*Ski Instructors, Drivers,  and Safety Directors are certified via USAWaterSki and must pass a certification exam.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


©2019 Nipmuc Water Ski Club.


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