We are now accepting memberships for the 2019 season.  For general membership information you can contact us here.    
2018 Nipmuc Show Team

  • Club dues will be $165 per member.
  • All Club members MUST be a ACTIVE members of USAWaterSki –  http://usawaterski.org 
  • All ski club members regardless of age have voting rights in the ski club meetings. The Nipmuc Water Ski club generally has two general meetings per year and has board of director meeting every quarter.
  • All Members must agree to and sign our personal conduct policy for the club.
  • Anyone actively participating in the act of skiing or equipment handling MUST be a member of USA Water Ski.    No non-member will be allowed on the docks or in the boats during ski time  (this includes parents/guardians).   The handling of ski equipment will also be off-limits to non-members (this is due to insurance regulations).
  • If you have never skied before – no problem. We have everything at the club to help you get started, from skis, to ropes, to life jackets, to personal instruction. We guarantee that you will be skiing in no time at all!!
  • No child under the age of 14 is allowed to ski without parental supervision. First and foremost this is for insurance and safety reasons, but also to make sure that the ski club does not turn into a day-care center. We wish to ski and teach people to ski – and not deal with disciplinary actions – that’s what the parents are for.
  • All skiers must follow the laws of safe skiing. The Boat Driver, Spotter, Safety Director or board member on shore duty has the right to prevent anyone from skiing if they feel that anyone’s safety is in danger. While water skiing is a fun sport – it can be dangerous and should not be taken lightly. The Nipmuc Water Ski Club is pleased that we have not had any major injuries reported, and we would like to keep it that way!
  • The safety officer of the night/day has full authority to suspend skiing at any time due to conditions they feel may be unsafe.
  • We ask that experienced skiers help out and give guidance to our beginning skiers. That is how we all learn – by sharing our experience with others.
  • If you see something at the club that you would like to change, or a new piece of equipment that you would like the club to get – SPEAK UP – your thoughts and opinions do matter to us.
  • Any skier, regardless of ski level may join the Show Ski Team, or participate in any clinic or specialized activity that the club offers.   For people wanting to join the show team,  we just advise them that it is a commitment and that practices are required to be a part of the show.    The Show Director and show committee will work with the skier to find the acts that best suit their skill level.


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