Ron is an icon at the Nipmuc Ski Club,  a multiple time National AWSA Jump Champion and patriarch of the Kokernak Clan which includes his son Jim and Dave, whom are in their own right AWSA regional standouts, and grandson Jimmy Jr whom is also competing at the state level. 

Ron is the longest tenured member of the Nipmuc Ski Club joining back in 1959 and still going strong today.     He is the only member to be given a Lifetime Achievement Award from the club, a much deserving award, as he has spent countless hours helping the club throughout the years, always assisting in maintenance of equipment and helping with yearly tasks such as taking out and putting in of the club docks.      Ron is a former club president, treasurer and board of director and continues to serve as a driver and mentor to our younger skiers.    He has seen it all and done it all –  the club is extremely proud to have him as one of our members.   

Meet Ron

Name: Ron Kokernak

Age: 77 years young.

Hometown: Webster, MA

Skiing for: 65 years and have won multiple local, Regional and National titles.

Years in the club:  I first joined Nipmuc Ski Club in 1959, but military and professional pursuits kept me from Webster for many years. I have competed in Nationals from Florida, Texas and California.

Ski Activities:  Slalom, jump, tricks, wakeboard, barefoot, show skiing, delta & flat kites, parasail.

Favorite Ski Activity: Jumping

Goals for 2019: Mostly just free skiing now , teaching my grandson and passing on my years of experience.

Activities outside of Ski Club: Go to various camps with waterski programs( and teach camp counselors proper/safe driving  and waterski techniques. Work part time at/on waterfront ski program at Camp Taconic in the Berkshires…..snow skiing, mostly at Wachusett.

Advice to new skiers:  “Learn to ski safely first, proceed at a safe pace….everyone has their own learning curve.”


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