General Meeting Minutes – October 7, 2017

Board Members: Brenda Fallon, Dave MacManus, Jess Reilly, Ryan DesRoches, Pam Jarosz, Leonardo Topa
General Members: Lee Sroczenski, Kevin and Blake Kudzal, Ron, Joan and Dave Kokernak, Henry Coz, Jen Stockdale, Dave McCooey
Treasurer’s Report (filed by email, read by Brenda):
Assets: 2 CD’s, one for $2305.68 and one for $7190.11
Checking Account Beginning Balance as of 12/31/2016: $11939.12
  • Memberships: $9885.00
  • Sponsorships: $1395.00
  • Clothing: $695.00
  • Randy Wade clinic (exchange): $30
Total Revenue as of 10/5/2017: $12005.00
  • AWSA Insurance: ($360.56)
  • Repairs (slalom course, jump, ski equipment, shed roof): ($1347.46)
  • Electric bill, porta potty: ($705.57)
  • Ski equipment (show & regular): ($1023.29)
  • Refunds of deposits: ($335.00)
  • Gas reimbursements: ($7030.00)
  • Learn to ski (fees, banner, dock rental): ($518.82)
  • Other (driver & instructor certifications, awards, clothing): ($1678.46)
Checking Account Balance as of 10/5/2017: $10945.00
Some questions came up regarding this report which were deferred to next Board meeting when Linda is present and can explain. For instance: 78 paid members at $165 per member should have resulted in $12780 of membership income.
Have different accounts for each type of activity and expenses: general, capital expenses, show ski, learn to ski. Each account will have income and expenses and will roll up under the general account.
  • Keep all communication by email to the bare minimum, avoiding email chains from past emails.
  • Have more transparency with all members about any activities and ideas discussed by the Board or in general.
  • Conduct a survey of all members to solicit feedback and ideas
  • Set dates of board meetings and general meetings ahead of time. Have a board meeting every 3 months and 2 general meeting per year. Next Board meeting dates: Thursday Jan 18, 2018 and Thursday April 19, 2018. The April meeting will be a general meeting too.
  • Have intraclub informal tournaments towards the end of the season
Learn to Ski:
  • This year’s clinics were a huge success
  • Linda wants to have clinics for kids to progress in their learning (ie, going from 2 skis to 1)
  • Have more certified instructors, different times and different locations
Show Ski:
  • 33 member were interested through the season and 24 participated in the show
  • Have indoor practice during the winter
  • Get costumes
  • Ryan would like to have a more formal role and be appointed Chair of a Show Ski Committee
  • Linda would like to work on putting together an application for 501c3 classification. AWSA apparently can help.
  • Linda will present her work at the next Board meeting in January to decide how to proceed
  • The 2017 season went well overall.
  • There were only 2-3 nights when parking was really tight.
  • For 2018 we should consider family memberships or associate memberships
  • Brenda is checking with AWSA what others clubs do and what we can do
  • A 50% deposit for the 2018 season will be due by December 1, 2017
Fun/Team Building Events:
  • Going on a hike (Mt. Monadnock or similar)
  • Day trip to snow ski somewhere as a group (a bus may be provided)
  • 5K run or walk around Webster
  • Holiday event
  • Review and update the bylaws. Ryan and Leonardo will report at the next Board meeting in January
  • Leonardo will chair a committee for slalom skiers to discuss hours, equipment purchases and activities related to slalom skiing. He will set up a meeting with all interested members.

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