Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – July 8, 2017

Board of Directors – July 8, 2017 meeting:

Linda,  Joan, Ryan, Pam, Ron, Andy, Jesse,  Jim K, Brenda, Dave M.


1)  It was brought up that next years (2018) meeting dates for both general and board of directors be set after the election of next years officers with the understanding that there would be 1 General meeting at the beginning of the season, and one at the end of the season for elections  (2 total).     The Board of Directors would meet every three months.

The next “Full General Meeting” will be on Thursday, August 17th at the club.    The Pot Luck will also be that night.     Election of officers will take place at this meeting.      Leonardo will need to send out an announcement of the meeting 1 month prior to the date with the slate of officers.

The Ice Cream Social will be on Thursday  July 27th.    Kelly K will once again be organizing it (Thanks Kelly!)

2) An “nomination committee” was formed consisting of Joan, Ryan, Jesse and Pam to find/nominate officers/board of directors for next season.     The committee will meet soon to discuss nominees and get a slate out to the general membership in the next few weeks (prior to meeting announcement).  Ryan will try to get a meeting date ASAP for the nomination committee.  As in our bylaws – 9 Board of Directors (including officers) will be needed to be elected.  4 Junior Board members may also be elected.

3) The Annual Audit of the Treasurers books will be done soon.   Auditors will be Linda, Ron and Brenda.

4) Skier Waivers were discussed and if the club needs them in addition to AWSA membership and a singing of a code of conduct.     Ryan was tasked with talking to a lawyer on if a Waver is a good thing, or opens members of the club up more for legal ramifications.  Brenda was tasked with getting AWSA’s opinion on the matter.  Brenda and  Ryan will report back at the general meeting.

5) Leonardo was tasked with updating the email list.     Ron and Joan (and possibly other members) have not been getting emails.

6) Treasurer’s Report was presented by Linda.   Currently the club has $18,540 in the checking and about $9500 in two CDs.    Membership dues brought in approximately $6,000 in new money with $5,000 paid out in expenses (Linda, please correct me if I am wrong).

7)  Membership :   Current Membership is at 76 members.      This is up 20 members from last year.     Linda brought up that the club may want to stop accepting new members at the end of June ever year.   However this was tabled for the time being.    Andy and Linda were tasked to work to streamline the membership process and make it easier to keep track of members information, etc.     A list of all members should be posted at the shack (and it is currently on the door).

8) Ryan asked of a Boom Pole could be bought for the club to be kept in the shack, unfortunately though – booms are boat specific so this was decided not to be practical at this time.

9) Parking at the club was discussed, but the board though that parking was only an issue for one night so far this year.    The board will keep a watchful eye on the parking situation, but it was thought to be “working” at this time for everyone.     New parking options might be discussed for next year, including the possibility of reaching out to local businesses for use of their lots (Colonial Club).

10)  The board reconfirmed that for any club sanctioned activity:
1)  A Safety Officer must be on site.
2)  Boat Drivers must be certified and can only pull based on their designation.
3)  Any club sanctioned practice must be announced and open to all qualified skiers.   (including Jump and Slalom practices).

Anyone using club property or equipment (skis, jump, etc) MUST be USA Water Ski insured and have the appropriate USAWaterSki certifications (driving certifications, etc).

11)  The club will reimburse costs of safety, boat driver and instructional certifications.   These certifications must be approved by the board prior to the member going for them (so we address need).    Pam was recently certified as an instructor, which is required by AWSA to do the “Learn to Ski” events.    Ryan has also agreed to become an instructor and take the class so we have a backup instructor if needed.

Boat Drivers schedule for next year will be sent out early so that all boat drivers can easily earn their hours for qualification.

The board has decided to keep driver reimbursements at their current levels, and as always – reassess at the first meeting of the new ski year.

12) The Equipment dock should be turned so that people don’t have to walk over ski’s/equipment.

13) The new Boat Ball Guides on the Slalom course were discussed to be a potential safety issue.    Currently the plan is to just warn skiers and drivers to use caution around them (they are too hard/not enough give – which has the potential to cause an injury if hit).

14)  Jesse has taken an action to put up messaging at the Club/Jump/Docks for No-Trespassing, Alcohol, etc.

15)  All skiers/Boat Drivers will be reminded/taught about “boat courtesy” around jumpers, barefoot and slalom skiers  (i.e. slow to idle, throw no wake when jumpers/skiers are going through practice).

16) Pam discussed the “Learn To Ski” events – with the next one on July 23rd at the Club.    We are already at capacity for skiers for the event, but would be open for more volunteers to help out.   A third Learn To Ski day will be on August 27th.     We may also do an event with the Boys and Girls club, but that is still TBD.

17)  Pam also discussed shirt orders –  and the plan is to finalize sponsorship’s by July 15, then have orders take place at the Ice Cream Social so that the clothing order can be in for the general meeting in August.   Thanks to Pam for organizing this.

18)  Saturday September 9th will be the club ski show.      Ryan will send an announcement to the club about show practices and begin to work with Jesse and others on coming up with possible acts.    All Skiers are encouraged to participate – but MUST have an act approved and be working on it as practice.

19)  The club needs some more ski vests.   We will look into ordering/buying some soon.

Notes submitted by: Ryan


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