Board Meeting Minutes – June 4, 2018

The Nipmuc Board of Directors had a short board meeting on Monday June 4, 2018.

Attendees; Brenda, Andy, Linda, Dave, Pam, Lee, Jesse

Pea Stone: We discussed the work we did to parking area with stones. The lip coming off road is much improved but we agreed another (one) load of stone would help once the season really starts and cars and in and out more often. We voted unanimously to get another load of stone to edge the lip of the road

Paint Shed: We discussed the shed needing a facelift. Lee said he would contact Aubachan Hardware to see if they could “donate” some paint and even if they cant we could to purchase paint if needed . We unanimously agreed to paint the shed the same color scheme. Painting to be scheduled.

Port O Potty; We discussed the port o potty. Brenda raised concerns of leaving it unlocked. We discussed those concerns. We unanimously voted to put a matching dial padlock with same combo as the shed on the potty. At the same time Brenda asked about the glass display case. We wondered where the key was? Perhaps it is in the shed, just misplaced? Brenda would like to utilize the case this year to showcase important events, etc.

Equipment: Brenda purchased assorted sizes or new life jackets. Also a few new helmets. And a binding for the wide salmon ski (the one Susan and beginners use). The total was around 450 dollars. The board voted unanimously for reimbursement .

Rope: We discussed the ski rope situation. We discussed the benefit of new ropes. We discussed the idea of just buying complete ropes with handles or a spool to make our own. We unanimously agreed to purchase a spool. We will recycle old handles from the shed and utilize a big bin of ski rope making supplies donated to us by a former member of Oxbow. Ski rope assembling to be scheduled.

Beach Pavilion: We discussed the Town of Websters request for donations to fund a Pavilion at Memorial Beach. We agreed to make a donation. Our ski club name will go on a recognition plaque at the site if the pavilion comes to fruition. Brenda gave some suggestions for donation amounts. The board unanimously voted to donate $500. Linda, Pam or Jesse will present a check to Carol Marchand, Webster Parks and Rec chairperson.

Kids on the Beach: We talked about the towns plan for an event at Memorial Beach this upcoming Thursday June 7th. We will have ski club representation to spread the good work of our club and opportunities for learn to ski and membership.

Show Ski Saturdays and Monday Skill Nights: We discussed our plan for Show Ski Saturdays and Monday Skill building. We will gauge interest in Sat ams and determine a start date for skiing, as early as this upcoming weekend. Linda has offered to run Monday evening teaching night for new ski skills. She will bring the ASWA pamphlets and offer instruction. Brenda will draft a brief letter to let all members know about the opportunity on Monday nights and also to get more information about Saturdays and the ski show and expectations.


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