Board Meeting Minutes – Jan 25 and March 8, 2018

Summary of key points
  • Ryan DeRoches resigned from the Board on Jan 29, 2018.    He will remain as Webmaster.
  • Docks in the water, clean-up and General Meeting on Saturday April 28 starting at 9am
  • An election to fill the vacant Board seat will be held at the general meeting on April 28
  • The Nominating Committee is gathering names of members in good standing (2 years minimum) who are interested in running for the vacant seat on the Board
  • Members will vote whether to have 3 or 4 ski nights in July at the general meeting
Meeting on Jan 25, 2018
Attendees: Brenda Fallon, Andy Gray, Linda Candela, Pam Jarosz, Dave MacManus, Jesse Reilly, Jim Kokernak, Ryan Deroches, Ron Kokernak, Leonardo Topa
Brenda opened the meeting.
The Board reviewed the changes to Club Bylaws as proposed by Ryan and Leonardo.  Discussion then turned to the Massachusetts CORI checks and to the new AWSA SafeSport program as they pertain to Nipmuc Club.  After discussion, more information gathering was deemed necessary and the meeting was interrupted.
Meeting on Mar 8, 2018
Attendees: Brenda Fallon, Andy Gray, Linda Candela, Jesse Reilly, Dave MacManus, Jim Kokernak, Leonardo Topa
Brenda opened the meeting.
Leonardo read the minutes of the board meeting on Jan 25. The Board voted and approved unanimously.
Linda read the Treasurer’s report (see attached file). The Board voted and approved unanimously.
A new type of membership was proposed for non-skiing members. Members of this type would pay $25/yr, would have no voting rights at any Club official meeting, but can be spotters, drivers, etc during sanctioned events provided they carry any of the Active Memberships offered by AWSA. The Board voted and approved unanimously.
No deposits will be required for the 2019 ski season. Dues for 2019 will be $185. An early discount of $20 will be applied to full payments made before April 1, 2019. The Board voted and approved unanimously.
Leonardo will look into website offerings that provide club membership and dues payment management. It could be an alternative to paying GoDaddy $143 for 3 years only for web domain registration and site hosting.  (NOTE:  Ryan has said that the current site already supports this and it just needs to be set up with an account on PayPal or equivalent).
Docks will be assembled and put back in the water on Saturday April 28, starting at 9am. The shed and its surrounding area will be cleaned up. A general meeting of all members will also be held. All these activities are expected to end no later then 12pm. The Board voted and approved unanimously.
A sign-up list for drivers will be maintained using No driver will be allowed to sign for more than 10 ski practice nights unless no other driver is available. There will be 2 ski practice nights per week in June and August. in July there will be 3 or 4 nights per week, depending on a vote at the April 28 general meeting. The Board voted and approved unanimously.
Ryan Deroches communicated to the President his intention to resign from the Board on Jan 29, 2018. The President accepted. The Nominating Committee will advertise the open position and assemble a list of members interested in running for the Board. Interested members must be in good standing for a minimum of 2 years. The new Board member will be elected at the general meeting on April 28. The Board voted and approved unanimously.
The Board returned to discuss CORI check requirements for Nipmuc Club, the new AWSA SafeSport certification and another new Criminal Background Screening program introduced by AWSA. Prior to this Board meeting Brenda had requested that all Board members get the AWSA SafeSport certification and the AWSA Criminal Background Screening.
Jim made the motion that Nipmuc Club follow Massachusetts General Laws Part I, Title II, Chapter 6, Section 172H. The motion was not seconded and was not voted on. Then Linda made the motion, and Jim seconded it, that the Board recommend to follow AWSA SafeSport certification and AWSA Criminal Background Screening and to research whether the AWSA Criminal Background Screening satisfies Massachusetts CORI requirements for an organization based in Massachusetts. The Board voted and approved unanimously.
Leonardo continued to present the new proposed Bylaws for review by the Board. The discussion will continue at the next Board meeting.
Brenda adjourned the meeting.

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