April 14, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Jim Kokernak, Ryan DesRoches, Dave MacManus, Brenda Fallon, Linda Candela, Jesse Reilly, Andy Gray, Leonardo Topa

Topics discussed:
  • several members have not yet sent the balance of their 2016 dues to Linda and many waivers are still missing. If you are one of these members, please do your part as soon as possible. No dues fully paid or no waivers mean no skiing.
  • docks will be put back in the water at the club on Saturday April 30 starting at 8am. The more people show up, the faster all the docks will be operational again.
  • the ski season will open on Thursday June 2. There will be a general meeting of all the members at 5:30pm.
  • a wait-list will be started for people who are interested in becoming members in 2017. It will be available to anybody on the club website.
  • a porta-potty will be rented and made available throughout the season from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
  • adults will be assigned to be “dock starters”: they will be responsible of maintaining the list of skiers and making sure that for each boat we always have a skier up to go out, a skier on deck and a skier in the hole. Efficiency is key for more runs per boat per night.
  • junior board members will be “shore masters”: they will manage traffic on the docks, ropes, vests, skiing equipment, etc.
  • a driver sign-up sheet is attached. Members who have a boat and are interested in driving should fill in the dates they want to drive and send it back to Linda via email at lindacantwo@gmail.com – drivers must also provide Linda with a physical address that she will use for the gas expense checks.
  • all the equipment in the shed has been checked and repaired as necessary. New bindings are going to be purchased for 2 sets of jumpers skis (1 medium pair and 1 large pair) and for the Connelly Big-Daddy slalom ski. The wakeboard bindings have been repaired.
  • Jesse and Andy are making good progress with building 2 pairs of show skis. They had a prototype with them and it looked really good.
  • all the buoys and the cords for the slalom course will be checked and replaced as appropriate. A full inspection of all the cables and their connections to the buoy arms will be made before the start of the season and any section of the course that needs repairs will be repaired.
  • Ryan will continue to handle the wonderful website he put together. Check it out at http://nipmucskiclub.org/  There are sections of the website that are accessible only to members in good standing. Sign-up sheets for clinics, activities and club merchandise will be handled through the private sections of this site.
  • Pam Alexander reported to the board that the sale of ad spots on the club t-shirts is going well. The goal of selling all 12 spots is almost achieved.

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